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signage printing in norwich.

Here at Joel Sharp Creative, I specialise in the printing of signage, eco-friendly signage and display.

I’ve spent many years learning the art of print and graphic design and actually getting hands on producing the signage myself.

Some of the most popular signage that I have on offer is Roller Banners, Builders Boards, Selfie Frames, Exhibition Displays and A-Boards. If you are looking to put some wow factor into your outdoor display I offer bespoke printed Flags, Café Barriers and Building Displays.

Whatever way you are looking to make your business stand out there is something I can offer.

roller banner & event display printing.

Roller Banners are one of my most popular choices, they are a low cost premium display stand that is easy to assemble and self-standing with a retractable graphic display panel. You simply pull up the display panel and attach it to a pole. My premium roller banners have a more stylish finish so they don’t require swing-out legs to stand upright (like a normal roller banner). Once you have finished, pack away into a portable case with a strap. These are a great choice for an easily transportable display,  ideal for events and exhibitions.

Each sign I print and design is completely bespoke, they are made from one of the many materials on offer such as Banner, Mesh Banner, Flag, Display, Backlight Polyester. These can all be made to size for your requirements and even various finishes like, hems, eyelets and toggles.

If you are unsure on what you need for your signage or display project, simply drop me an email or call and I am on hand to help.

contact joel sharp creative for Sign Printers Norwich, Norfolk.

If you are interested in signage & display printing in the Norwich area then please contact me today! I would be more than happy to help, provide a quotation or answer any queries you may have – | 07901 141117


t: +44 (0) 7901 141117

Sign Printers Norwich, Norfolk FAQs

Dibond, Foamex, and Correx are three widely-used materials for signboards, each offering distinct characteristics suitable for various signage applications:


Composition: Dibond is a composite material comprising two aluminium sheets enclosing a solid polyethylene core. This structure grants it exceptional durability and stiffness.

Durability: Dibond boasts high durability and weather-resistance, making it well-suited for prolonged outdoor use. It can endure harsh weather conditions, such as rain and UV exposure, without fading or warping.

Weight: Dibond is relatively lightweight relative to its thickness, simplifying handling and installation.

Applications: Dibond is often the preferred choice for top-tier signage, including outdoor business signs, building signage, and real estate signs. Its smooth surface permits vivid graphics and high-quality printing.


Composition: Foamex, also referred to as PVC foam board, is fashioned from expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheets. It is lightweight and features a foam-like core.

Durability: Foamex is durable, although not as weather-resistant as Dibond. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may lead to some fading, and it is less rigid.

Weight: Foamex is lightweight, facilitating easy transportation and installation.

Applications: Foamex is an excellent choice for indoor signage, exhibition displays, point-of-sale materials, and short- to medium-term outdoor use. It is cost-effective and delivers good print quality.


Composition: Correx, also known as corrugated plastic, is manufactured from twin-wall polypropylene sheets. It possesses a fluted core, providing both strength and flexibility.

Durability: Correx is lightweight and weather-resistant, capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. However, it is generally considered less durable than Dibond for extended use.

Weight: Correx is exceedingly lightweight, simplifying transportation and installation.

Applications: Correx is frequently employed for temporary outdoor signage, event signage, real estate sign riders, and short-term promotional displays. It represents a cost-effective and versatile option.

In summary, your choice among Dibond, Foamex, and Correx should be guided by your specific signage requirements. Dibond excels for high-quality, long-lasting outdoor signs, Foamex suits indoor displays and short- to medium-term outdoor applications, while Correx is a budget-friendly solution for temporary signage and promotional purposes. Always factor in elements like location, intended use, and budget when deciding on the ideal material for your sign project.”

A roller banner, also known as a roll-up banner or retractable banner, is a portable and versatile advertising display commonly used for promotional and marketing purposes. It consists of a printed graphic panel, typically made of durable vinyl or fabric material, that is attached to a spring-loaded mechanism within a metal or plastic housing. This mechanism allows the banner to be rolled up and stored conveniently when not in use and easily unrolled and set up for display at events, trade shows, conferences, retail stores, or other promotional occasions. Roller banners are popular because they are lightweight, easy to transport, and provide an eye-catching and professional way to convey messages, advertise products, or promote brands in various settings. They come in various sizes, designs, and price ranges to suit different marketing needs and budgets.

I will keep your printed artwork on my system in case you would like some more printing in the future. However please let me know if you do not want your files to be kept and I will remove them after printing.

If you would prefer to supply your own design then that is fine, I can just offer a sign and display printing service if needed. I can offer helpful advice and insights on the correct set-up for printing if required, which is essential for large format printing types.

Yes I do. I am a print design specialist and can help with any graphic design and print requirements you may have. Please get in touch for a quote.

Depending on what signage you are looking for I can offer many different materials, such as Triaprint (a recyclable alternative to foamex) or a Xanita Print (a corrugated strong cardboard).

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