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Are you looking to add an element of ‘wow’ to your print or get a message across in a fun, sustainable and eco-friendly way? Try a product called Plantable Seed Paper.

This handmade natural paper is made from two thin layers of recycled fibre and wildflower seeds and is fully biodegradable. This means you can literally grow your own paper by following 4 easy steps.

  • First soak the seed paper in water overnight and then cover it with a thin layer of peat-free soil.
  • Plant it indoors near a window or in a sunny location.
  • Water daily and wait for the seeds to germinate.
  • Once they are fully sprouted, you can place them into a small pot. Wait for them to grow to about 2 inches tall before you plant them outdoors.

paper that grows into wildflowers.

This product brings in a new element to upcycling and can be incorporated into all kinds of graphic and print design ideas. For example, one of my clients printed “Grow your business with us” on paper. This is just one of the many ideas that could be implemented.

Greeting cards and wedding stationery are just a few of the other many products that can be produced using the paper, as well as being an interesting talking point for more traditional printed items such as business cards.

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Seed Paper Norwich, Norfolk FAQs

Wildflower seed paper offers a versatile and eco-friendly choice for printing various products. It’s commonly used for plantable greeting cards, ideal for birthdays, weddings, and holidays, allowing recipients to grow wildflowers from the card when planted. Invitations for weddings, baby showers, or corporate events benefit from seed paper, adding a unique and sustainable touch.

Eco-conscious businesses can impress with seed paper business cards that convey contact details while promoting environmental awareness. Brochures and flyers made from seed paper make marketing memorable as recipients can plant the paper, watching it bloom into flowers, reinforcing a commitment to sustainability. Additionally, seed paper is suitable for bookmarks, wedding favors, calendars, notepads, postcards, promotional products, and custom packaging. However, success depends on factors like paper thickness, printing method, and the seed blend, so working with a professional printer experienced in seed paper is advisable for optimal eco-friendly results.

I will keep your printed artwork on my system in case you would like some more printing in the future. However please let me know if you do not want your files to be kept and I will remove them after printing.

7-10 days, please keep in sunlight and water daily to give it the best chance of germination.

The colour which is natural varies based upon the recycled content. This then tends to affect the colours and large blocks of ink can vary very slightly in shade from sheet to sheet.

It is an average of 240gsm with a natural paper colour (off white). Inconsistencies in the manufacturing process add to the charm of the paper which gives the finished product a more natural look and feel. It cannot be compared to modern coated papers and the printing processes which ensure copy after copy repetition.

They all contain a mixture of wildflower seeds, this tends to vary from batch to batch. But it mainly consists of; Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Grass, Ox-Eye Daisy, Ribwort Plantain, Red Campion, Salad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion & Yarrow.

I will keep your printed artwork on my system in case you would like some more printing in the future. However please let me know if you do not want your files to be kept and I will remove them after printing.

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