Last year I was first introduced to Mind by an amazing rep I met last year called Gary. He really put across the importance of what the charity does in our local area, and how I could actually make a difference to someone’s life and mental wellbeing.

Their organization provides a range of services to support individuals in Norfolk and Waveney who are experiencing mental health problems, as well as their families and carers.

In December last year I decided to sign myself up for the 3k per day challenge to fundraise for Mind Norfolk and Waveney. This involved committing to running, swimming or walking 3 kilometres every day in January. Doing this challenge was a great way to improve physical health and mental wellbeing, while also supporting the important work that they do. I believe that absolutely no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. These guys are here for anyone when times get tough, and that helping hand is priceless.

This was not something that I just chose to do off the cuff, it took me 3 years to get to the point where I was finally in the position to say ‘okay I can actually do this’. I started my weight loss journey back in March 2020 and have now reached my weight loss goal of 7 stone 3 years later. This was done through running, intense training, extreme dieting and calorie counting. It was only recently that I built up enough fitness to do something I would have never dreamed of, a charity running challenge.

Not only has my exercise journey helped my mental health massively, things like better sleep, more energy, better self-esteem, managing stress and anxiety have all come from getting active this January.

Here’s the stats from my month

  • I’ve run a total of 86.33km
  • I’ve walked a total of 10.06km
  • I’ve swum a total of 1.90km
  • My fastest time was 15.23mins
#3kperday challenge for Mind Norfolk & Waveney
#3kperday challenge for Mind Norfolk & Waveney

Here’s the ups

  • Daily exercise has allowed me to be outdoors and away from my desk.
  • Very quickly said goodbye to that extra Christmas weight.
  • I feel better in myself, more healthy and fit.
  • I’ve been able to eat what I like most weekends (in moderation).
  • I’ve had better, deep sleep.
  • It’s helped me with anxiety, being able to drop all negative thoughts.
  • And most importantly there is no better feeling that beats when you’ve done something to help out others, especially a fundraiser like this.

Here’s the downs

  • I had 2 weekends of January running without drinking alcohol and then 2 with drinking. It sucks and messes up your whole week (this was 1 day each weekend of drinking, so 2 days total this month). Personally, it’s affected my performance, heart rate and tiredness.
  • 3 years of heavy weight loss has caused a lot of tightness in my leg muscles which therefore has accelerated when running every day. A sports therapy session had to be done – not fun times I must say.
  • January weather, countless times I was out in the rain , sleet or snow, spring/summer running is much nicer.
  • And finally, things that life threw at me during my challenge, like losing my dog. Painful times but had to push on and continue my challenge.

Once again, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for their generous donations to support my 3k per day challenge for Mind Norfolk and Waveney. Your contribution means so much to me, and I’m so grateful for your support of this important cause.

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